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Will you be a 2L in the Fall 2020? File your Law Student Registration Application between now and October 15th!! Saves you time and money!


You may register as a law student at any time by filing the application for registration no later than October 15th of your second year of law school.  We encourage you to register over the summer as this is a lengthy application.  The registration application must be received in the office of the Bar Examiners by 5:00 p.m., October 15.  This is not a postmark deadline.  Reasons to register early?  By registering as a law student in your 2L year, the Board may address any character and fitness issues before you apply to take a bar exam; your character and fitness can be ruled on by the Board of Bar Examiners which would qualify you to be a Licensed Legal Intern; and it saves you money!  By registering as a 2L by October 15th, the fee is $125; if you wait to file later, the fee is $500.  Registration is a required step to applying to take a bar examination.  For further information, review the Rules and FAQ's available on this website.



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